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Where style meets function – effortlessly.

XO helps the modern individual stay on top of his/her game with thoughtfully selected collections of the most sought-after eyewear designs and lens technologies.

This is the place where you’ll find comfort and peace of mind for all your vision needs.

Come and see for yourself – XO’s exquisite eyewear shopping experience. We are here for you.

Mission and Vision


The XO Mission


"Wearing eyeglasses doesn't have to be a chore. Don't get it out of your way – Embrace it, enjoy it, love it!"


We are set to redefine the conventional mindsets about eyewear by generating an appreciation of it as an art form & supporting the positive attitude of eyewear being a lifestyle choice rather than just a necessity choice. 
We are also supporters of ethical, sustainable, and social causes that empower individuals to living a life of purpose and love.

The XO Vision


"There's a difference between sight and vision. Sight is what you see with your eyes. Vision is what you see with your mind..."

- Robert Kiyosaki



1 Sight

Being able to physically see is one of the most essential of human senses. The XO Team is not only exceptional at helping you see, our experienced opticians are also here to make sure you look great at the same time. 
Need us say more?  Come and see for yourself!



2 Clarity

Having mental clarity is one of the most blessed states one can ever ask for. The XO Team assumes its role as supporter of organizations in the community by taking its efforts beyond providing clear vision to helping others achieve a clearer state of mind.
Stay tuned for more info!


3 Awareness

True vision calls for awareness to things beneath the surface. Awareness dictates what we see, which in turn determines our reality. The XO Team feels a natural responsibility to bring social, ethical, and mindful awareness to its social circle in order to fulfill the reciprocal nature of continuous giving and receiving. 

Proud monthly supporter of Unicef Canada: